CEEC Welcome Speech by Niko Tevzadze, Board Chairman

Dear Friends,

We are honored to host the 54t CEEC meeting in Tbilisi and have been very much looking forward to welcoming you all. We think this is the right timing for informing you on Georgia’s recent attempts to become energy independent and to actively respond to the green energy challenges worldwide, with GOG playing the key role in initiating respective activities in the country. Representing the culture  famous for, among other virtues. its hospitality, we feel huge responsibility and take every effort to make the event interesting and enjoyable at the same time. We have all been going through unfavorable times recently and long for something positive and pleasant, therefore, we are now more willing to make this event something special or even a turning point back to the normal and spark our guests with interest in our country and with desire to return and cooperate with us.

Yours respectfully,

Niko Tevzadze

Board Chairman