Georgia Oil and Gas Limited

“Exploration and Development of Georgia’s Hydrocarbon Resources.”

Georgia Oil & Gas Limited (GOG) is a British Virgin Islands registered company focussed on the Exploration and Development of Georgia’s hydrocarbon resources and the provision of selected oil and gas exploration services within the Republic of Georgia.

Since its foundation in 2010, GOG has acquired a net acreage position of 13,334 km2 with working interests in 11 Production Sharing Contracts (‘PSCs’) with the exploration license blocks valid until 2037-2039 (+ 5 years possible extension).

GOG’s portfolio encompasses both production, development and exploration projects with large scale upside. Within this portfolio, Norio Deep has the potential to be a country-changing prospect. The reservoir is part of an already prolific basin and with increasing subsurface definition through the 2019-22 work program offers an attractive prospect for farm-ins and partnership investments. GOG has a successful track-record of developing and executing a corporate strategy based our extensive regional subsurface understanding combined with international experience.

Our portfolio encompasses 6 strategic plays – Norio Deep, M. Eocene Shallow, U. Eocene Subshale, North Kitchen, Kavtiskhevi-Didgori and South Kitchen:

Strategic Area (Play)GOG blocksArea, km2
Norio Deep M.Eocene Shallow U.Eocene Subshale XIM346
M.Eocene Shallow U.Eocene SubshaleXIG300
M.Eocene Shallow U.Eocene SubshaleXIA691
M.Eocene Shallow U.Eocene SubshaleXIII1720
North KitchenXIN288
North KitchenXIK, XIL, IXA758
North KitchenSatskhenisi24
North KitchenNorth Satskhenisi18
North KitchenMartkopi9
Kavtiskhevi-Didgori South KitchenVIII4,770
South KitchenXIV4410

GOG’s strategic approach is to build on these firm foundations in Georgia to become one of the country’s leading oil and gas companies. Demonstrating to investors not only probable and proven resources within the license area(s) but also the potential for the further development of those resources.

GOG’s portfolio is located mainly in the productive Kura Basin and is served by existing infrastructure including three pipelines. Georgia has a positive fiscal regime and the country benefits from a stable, simple, transparent and investor friendly environment.