Team and Management

  • Directors and Company Officers:

  • Mr. Niko Tevzadze MSc

    Chairman & President

    As co-founder of GOG, Niko has extensive experience in the delivery and management of oil and gas exploration and development in the central Caucus region and in central Asia. With more than 30 years of technical, operational and senior management experience throughout Georgia, Russia, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan.

    Niko has been General Director for Georgia British Oil founded by JKX Oil & Gas Plc, General Director for Makoil Georgia Ltd., and General Director for CanArgo Georgia Ltd.

  • Mr. Vakhtang Sakvarelidze Msc

    Executive Director and CFO

    As a co-founder of GOG, Vakhtang is an executive director and the Chief Financial Officer. With over 30 years of experience in senior financial roles in Georgia with a wide range of upstream oil companies, including CFO for state-owned for Georgian Oil Company, CFO for CanArgo Georgia Ltd, Deputy Director for Georgian British Oil Company, Deputy Director for JSC Georgian Oil and Head of the Financial-economic Department at the Georgian Oil Company.

  • Ms. Mariam Bedoshvili

    Executive Director and Company Secretary


    With over 25 years of Corporate Governance and organizational experience in the Georgian Oil and Gas Industry, Mariam was a co-founding director of GOG and previously Central Asia Branch Coordination Director of Tethys Petroleum Ltd.

  • Mr. Claudio Bühler

    Non-Executive Director

    Claudio started his financial career in 1999 as Portfolio and Trading Manager with an international bank in Liechtenstein, before moving to Zurich. Between 2003 and 2006 he was Associate Banking Manager for a Liechtenstein bank in the BVI, responsible for day to day banking operations. In 2009 Claudio joined an independent Asset Manager in Zug as Investment Manager, subsequently becoming a partner. Claudio is now a director of his own fiduciary company and advisor in finance, investment and investment management to a number of oil and gas companies, including as non-executive director on the Georgia Oil and Gas board.

  • Mr. Alberto Martinez

    Non-Executive Director

    With over 27 years’ experience in the financial and fiduciary industry, Alberto started his career in 1992 as an account manager for an international Swiss bank, before changing to the fiduciary entity of the bank in 1997. In 2004 he joined a Swiss fiduciary company as partner and in 2011 joined a Swiss Family Office. Since 2016 he is a director and advisor in business administration and financial management to a number of oil and gas companies, including as non-executive director on the Georgia Oil and Gas Board.

  • Mr. Mikheil Dalakishvili

    Country Representative and Georgia Branch Director

    With responsibility for in country operations and day to day management of the company, Mikheil is an experienced Branch Director with a track-record of delivery and management in the Georgian oil and gas industry and since 2012 has been the Director for GOG operations in Georgia including government relations. From 2013 to 2016 was also an executive at the Georgian Association of Petroleum Companies. Prior to joining GOG Mikheil was the Chief Accountant at the GOG affiliate, Norio Operating Company LLC. In addition, Mikheil has an MBA in Finance from the Central European University and a BA in Business Administration and General Management from the Caucasus University.

  • Senior Management and Technical Team:

  • Mrs. Maka Skhirtladze

    Senior Lawyer and ESG Executive Officer

    Having worked over a decade in various public bodies, and among others, having held top positions at the Georgian government due to high qualification and exquisite professional skills, Mrs. Maka Skhirtladze decided to move to the private sector and joined the company to successfully get focused on the petroleum law. She has since gained substantial skills and knowledge in the industry specific legal issues and further widened her qualification to encompass environmental and social governance aspects. At present Mrs. Skhirtladze holds position of the Senior Lawyer and ESG Executive Officer in GOG.

  • Mrs. Ani Arjevanishvili

    Chief Accountant

    With over 10 years’ experience in Oil & Gas industry working as a chief accountant, Ani has an outstanding knowledge of the finance related issues, including but not limited to involvement in IFRS and SPFS audit, relationship with tax authorities, involved in oil and gas operations budgeting, financial reporting to both management and state bodies. Having graduated from International Black Sea University (BBA with Honor) (English sector) Finance and Banking, currently continues her studies with ACCA.

  • Dr. Mehmet Arif Yukler BS, MsC, MS, PhD

    Chief Exploration Manager

    As an independent exploration advisor to the board, Mehmet provides both strategic advice and specific technical expertise. With over 40 years’ experience in the international oil & gas industry, Mehmet has worked in and studied all the known hydrocarbon bearing basins of the world and his studies have been credited with more than 80 oil and gas finds. Mehmet has published more than 30 research articles and was previously the Nordic Ministerat Professor at the University of Bergen, Norway, where he taught quantitative basin modelling, exploration and exploitation in the North Sea and petroleum economics.

  • Mr. Alexander Janiashvili BSc, MSc

    Chief Geologist

    After starting his career in UNESCO in the Marine Geology and Geophysics Department, Alexander completed an MSc from Heriot-Watt University in Reservoir Evaluation and Management. Alexander then occupied senior technical positions in Tyumen PromGeophysics, CJSC-ENCONCO, FDP Center and GeoTrend Corporation before joining Georgia Oil and Gas Ltd. as Chief Geologist in 2011.

  • Mrs. Marina Siradze

    Chief Petrophysicist

    Graduated from the Institute of Oil and Gas named after Gubkin with a degree in mining geophysicist. Worked at the Georgian State Geophysical Company as a petrophysicist and consultant at the Georgian Institute of Oil and Gas. At various times she worked in the Georgian-American company- Frontera-Resources Georgia as a  petrophysicist  and  as a consultant  in Ioris Velli ,Canargo and Jindal. At present  time works at GOG as a petrophysicist. The main occupation is complex processing of drilling data and interpretation of log data, planning logging program for wells in open and cased holes, correlation and identification of hydrocarbon saturated objects.

  • Mr. Artem Sanishvili

    Chief Geophysicist

    With 47 years of experience in oil and gas around the globe Artem has co-authored more than 25 publications related to the integration of geological-geophysical methods in hydrocarbon exploration in Georgia and is internationally recognised as an expert in this field. Previously he was the head of the Georgian Government Geological Survey and amongst other companies, Artem has worked in BHP in Australia, Geco-Pracla Slumberger** in Germany, Global Geophysic in the US, Total in France, Iskander in Canada, Tethys Petroleum in the UK, GII in Israel, Geophysica Krakow in Poland, CNPC-TUHA  in China, JKX in the UK, Frontera Resources Corporation in the US, Tricon Geophysics in the US, Partex Pro in Portugal and CGG in France.